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- 92 FX & non-FX instruments
- 14 Major banks



Real Transaction Data

By offering real, filtered transaction data, you are able to see what non-reporting banks, institutional investors, hedge funds and PTF’s are really doing. By excluding the Spot transactions, you will get a real advantage to others. We converted it into a ready-to-use indicator or receive our historic and live data per API access. Pay only for your selected data-plan


Filtered Volumes Indicator

Leaving out the spot transactions, you will get transaction instrument data from foreign exchange swaps, currency swaps and outright forwards only. Meaning: even if retail traders are using a non-reporting bank to trade, it will be excluded. The indicator plots summed or the delta of filtered volumes

Open Orders

See all current open orders with their entry/exit prices and stop loss/take profit levels

Pending Orders

See all current pending orders with their entry/exit prices and stop loss/take profit levels

Currency Strength

A sum of orders to see what banks have in mind. Easily detect currencies with the highest and lowest interest of banks


You can plot all data in your charts as horizontal lines, to see: order entry and exit prices, stop loss and take profit levels


Bank Transaction Data

We give you live insight into the latest open and pending transactions of the 14 most largest banks. Straight into your terminal with configuration options. It comes with a currency strength meter to easily spot opportunities


Bank Positions Indicator

Add the indicator to your chart and you will be amazed what you see. Not only very valuable trade info, but customization options and alert options as well. Get notified whenever a there are new transactions or a changes made by banks

What People Say About Us

We deliver quality data. Data comes directly from liquidity providers and from 14 major banks. Please understand all risks when trading live. Ask your broker, bank or educational mentor for an explanation regarding all possible risks trading with them

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