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Liquidity Providers

We are connected to Equinix data centers and data providers. Tier 1 Liquidity Provider data for corporates and professionals are within reach with multiple filter options 

Reporting Dealers,
Non Reporting Banks

FX Majors, FX Minors, FX Exotics,
Metals, Indices, Commodities,

Single connection,
Multiple connections,

10 Seconds,
1 Minute

Live Data,
Historic & Live Data

Tick Volume Data,
Transaction Volume Data


Customization Options

When you are in need for customized market data, you are at the right place. We offer the best prices and data coverage without restrictions by Liquidity Providers. Get the best overview on the markets based on your needs; select what you need


Subscription Fees

Delivering market data is our core business and we offer the best rates, globally. The fees are displayed without VAT, per month, all symbols, including tick & volume based transaction data. Combining data-plans, selecting different data sources or other payment frequencies would influence the fee. We always encourage you to contact us for the best possible offer

  • Setup Fee (One-Time Payment)

    Per connection

    € 750
  • Historical Data (1 Minute Interval)

    Based on 1 month of history. More is available

    € 13,100
  • Live Data (10 Seconds Interval)

    Multiple connection discount available

    € 11,270
  • Live Data (1 Minute Interval)

    Multiple connection discount available

    € 9,480


Our first experience with Bankersfx is as expected: professional, on point, friendly and dedicated. 

We asked for very specific market data and after several months of trials and errors at several competitors, Bankersfx delivers all we need at very competitive fees. The implementation was very straightforward and established within 6 days, fully operational. Our situation was complex but they made it easy and simple, like their communication.



We value professionalism and a no-nonsense approach. BankersFX is a rising company that matches our expectations. We experience BankersFX as a flexible company. They tried to understand our project to offer the best solution. 

Regarding the fees: we can’t state if they are offering the best-priced data worldwide. We compared BankersFX with 2 other data suppliers. BankersFX offering the best prices and we like their transparency and friendly communication. 

We don’t have any regrets at all and highly recommend them.

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We deliver quality data. Data comes directly from liquidity providers and from 14 major banks. Please understand all risks when trading live. Ask your broker, bank or educational mentor for an explanation regarding all possible risks trading with them

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