Filtered Volumes

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Real volume data extracted from several liquidity providers. Volumes are filtered on: non-reporting banks, institutional investors, hedgefunds, PTF’s, FX swaps, currency swaps and outright forwards. The indicator plots volume totals or the delta of it

Important notice: currently in pilot

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Smart Money Made Visible

By excluding certain counterparties and instruments, such as: reporting dealers/banks and spot forex, we offer data that really matters. Seeing what the most important market players are doing is crucial to any trader. The data we re-distribute to you is filtered according the following scheme:  

Data Distribution



Summed Or Delta Of Volumes

When applying the indicator to your chart, you will notice the option: “Display” in your options-tab. You can select whether you want to plot the total volumes (bid+ask) or the delta (bid-ask). The delta of volumes is valued by scalpers who seek imbalances. In larger time frames, it get more balanced  

Display Options



Availability, API And Supported Terminals

Currently we offer several datasets for the MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 terminals. Your terminal version is downloadable once you login into your account. All datasets are updated every 10 seconds in your preferred terminal. You have access to historical data with the limit of 1000 bars. API subscription to the historic and live feed is available upon request. Please visit our API page for more details


Number Of Active Connections

Every license offers 1 active connection at a time. When you are in need of more simultaneous active connections, contact us to get a quote

3 reviews for Filtered Volumes

  1. Kaj (verified owner)

    We offer educational services to novice and advanced traders. After a very successful test-phase, we decided to implement the indicator within our trade strategy. Very satisfied with the people behind Bankersfx as well.

  2. Bjørn (verified owner)

    As a volume trader i highly depend on quality data. Every percent of quality improvement parallels with capital safety and growth. Glad that i could join the pilot stage whereby i got convinced about the data. Thank you guys!

  3. Mohamed (verified owner)

    I am a retail trader for years. I know by now how important good data is. Good data is the start of every actual trading journey. Never thought i could access this type of services without paying massive amounts to brokers or liquidity providers. Though it is still in pilot, i love it already. Perfect

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We deliver quality data. Data comes directly from liquidity providers and from 14 major banks. Please understand all risks when trading live. Ask your broker, bank or educational mentor for an explanation regarding all possible risks trading with them

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